Corporate Responsability

Meet Our Social Compliance & Sustainability Manager


  • Social Compliance & Sustainability Manager
  •   Tel: 1-888-377-7732 (USA)
  •   Tel: 1-800-385-7063 (CA) Ext: 316
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Caterina comes with a wealth of experience in the promotional and sustainability businesses. After gaining her BA in languages and communication, she worked for two years in Germany and then she moved to China where she spent four years working for European multinationals. Until November 2010, she held the position of Sales Account Executive at PF Asia Direct Shanghai, a division of Polyconcept and despite the economic crisis, she successfully increased the network of clients throughout Asia and South America by focusing on new markets such as Mexico, India and Australia. This experience allowed her to develop various projects and products ranging from sample creation to final shipment, managing small teams, visiting factories and gaining a deep insight into the Chinese production system and their inner workings.

In 2011 Caterina undertook a Master’s program in Milan, Italy, studying the Management of NGO’s, Sustainability and Cooperation and upon completion, she arrived in Montreal where she attended McGill University taking a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) course to further her understanding of the North American approach to sustainability. Recently she worked as a consultant for the Aldo Group to develop its sustainability strategy.

Caterina comments:  Sustainable practices have always been a passion of mine, but they developed into a true and deep interest following my visits to Chinese factories and realizing their production’s social and environmental impact. 

Reporting to Rob Spector, CEO, Caterina’s mandate is to further Spector & Co.’s success by providing production integrity and support to all of Spector’s clients throughout North America. Her other tasks include being responsible for developing the social compliance program and offering customer support on sustainability and product safety related matters, as well as supervising vendor auditing processes.

Caterina comments:  I am excited to join a company as professional and dynamic as Spector & Co. and look forward to working with our vendors to develop their product safety and service suite. I am fortunate to be joining such a respected company that prides itself on top quality and service.